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Achieve your goals with flexible webinar and webcasting solutions

Webinars and webcasts provide an easy way to conduct high-profile online events while accommodating budgets, travel limitations, and time constraints. Attract attendees from all over the world, deliver your message using rich media content and qualify new prospects with audience interactivity tools.

Webcast formats are dictated by your requirements, objectives and budget, with popular options including streaming video of the speaker, synchronized slides and video clips, or presenter audio and a slide presentation.

You choose the delivery model and solutions that suit you, but you have the flexibility to make changes as your needs do. We offer the full spectrum of support depending on your preference:

Self-service - do it yourself
We empower our clients with the best technology and proven onboarding plans for success.
Collaborative - we do it with you
We work together with our clients to make the best use of resources and skills across teams. We help in the areas where our clients need it, and we empower our clients’ team to own the areas they choose.
Fully managed - we do it for you
When it matters most, trust us to manage your event for you. We offer a white-glove service that takes all the heavy lifting out of making an event a success. We provide proactive support for all participants including the setup, training, technical guidance, and event consultancy.



Elevate your storytelling to boost campaign conversions

Simple, cost-effective webinars allow marketers to reach thousands of targeted users via thought leadership and product engagement.

Designed with your needs in mind, share a truly live experience with your external audiences to drive sales and generate more leads; use webinars to train and certify sales teams on how to sell, support and manage your go-to-market strategies and products; or create live product demo events to showcase your latest innovations.

We also help you choose options which will integrate into your marketing automation solution.

Our webinar environments are fully customizable to heighten brand awareness with your logo and corporate branding applied to all event pages including registration, lobby, email communications and user console.

  • Bring your event to life with animated slide presentations, polling and video
  • Build brand recognition through customized registration pages
  • Track webcast activity with powerful reporting tools
  • Ensure the ultimate in quality by having an experienced production team
  • Target a global audience via a single online virtual environment

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How to create a compelling presentation for your webinar or virtual event

Digital event solutions for healthcare

For Medical Affairs professionals, utilising technology to facilitate meaningful interactions with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) is essential if relationships are to be maintained and development kept on track.

Optimize the communication of medical education content through webinars, videos and online breakout sessions for research and development and creation of timely and relevant content for HCPs.

Deliver solutions to:

  • Optimize clinical trial efficiency through seamless communications with all stakeholders - virtual investigator meetings
  • Effectively leverage top faculty KOLs globally to conduct virtual steering committees and advisory boards
  • Support the Medical Science Liaison mission on the ground: increase touchpoints between content and HCPs
  • Increase efficiency of professional education via live surgery and product demo broadcasts
  • Measure learnings and impact on medical outcomes through benchmarking and carefully defined KPIs
  • Provide value in the way you engage with HCPs and in digital patient programmes

We can help you shorten the content creation process and increase your content’s relevancy. From bringing key stakeholders together to align on messaging to increasing the number and quality of meetings without travel, our solutions can ensure a productive interlock no matter where the subject matter experts are based.

5 top tips for pharma webinars
Case study
Mankind Pharma, using digital events to enhance training and reduce new product launch time from 90 days to 1 week
Look to: 
Increase the volume & reach of content
Evolve from isolated, repetitive & costly local meetings to a combination of live and digital delivery tools including national or even regional and international digital symposia
Ensure that all hosted Medical content is always up to date
Digital solutions such as medical portals enable medical teams to easily host new medical content and ensure that all content hosted is up to date - benefiting HCPs, their medical practice and positively reflecting on the quality of your content
Measure HCP learning
Collect HCP feedback during and after MedEd Videos, Digital Symposia, KOL webinars, virtual MedEd congresses and Digital CMEs to assess learning and the impact
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Gain employees' attention and build engagement with webinars

With the emergence of distributed working, regular and consistent communications are more important than ever. Leadership visibility and clear strategic direction is crucial in ensuring a connected and engaged workforce.

Webinars (or webcasts) are a cost-effective communication channel to convey key messages to employees in an efficient, compelling and personal way. The combination of video and interactivity enables the communication needed to land your key messages and make them stick.

  • Town Hall Meetings: Provide visibility of leadership teams, company updates and corporate announcements through regular webcasts.
  • Hybrid, global meetings: Connect onsite meetings and remote attendees into a single video-based interactive environment.
  • Executive and Board meetings: Connect participants in a fully managed, interactive HD video conference environment.
  • Sales & training programs: Create interactive training sessions that save travel time and reduce costs, without compromising on effectiveness.
  • Content management and engagement hubs: Internal, enterprise video platforms which enable corporate video channels, user-generated content and idea sharing behind your firewall.

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Townhall event
Town Hall meeting guide

Our complimentary solutions to maximize your webinars

Putting webcasts into one single virtual environment

If you are running a program of multiple webcasts, it makes sense to be able to access them all from a single platform with one single logon. With our virtual event environment, you can host numerous webcasts in a single, fully branded virtual event destination. Within this secure platform you have the ability not only to host your webcast program but also track and measure its effectiveness all within a single reporting portal. You can also add in breakout sessions in parallel – all within the same environment.

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Video content delivery solution

Let us optimize and accelerate the delivery of video content with our eCDN solution. It sits on top of your current infrastructure and allows you to pass large volumes of content around the organization without any disruption to the network.

Our solution pre-positions the video stream by maintaining a single stream on LAN and WAN for live streaming and webcasts. You can save costs in terms of network consumption and reduce the load on the network.

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'NTT had the full array of audio, video and multi-media solutions, plus experienced engineers and support technicians in South Africa as well as Ontario, Canada, for pulling off our large general meeting. It was the complete package. For the first time we had every aspect of the event covered by one provider.'

Stephen Goodger, ICT Lead – Operational Manager, HATCH