Audio conferencing made easy

Delivering expertly managed conference calls for your high-profile audio events

Simple and easy audio conferencing for small meetings or large events

Let us manage your audio events so you can focus on your content delivery

From quarterly earnings calls to press events, corporate announcements, or HR communications, you can rely on our flawless execution to deliver an excellent experience. We provide you with superior quality, hybrid audio conferencing, accessible from 50+ countries. Our solution is feature-rich, secure and with multiple options to manage your event.


Key to the success of any event is the support you receive throughout the process. With our end-to-end management you benefit from expert support before, during and after your conference, as well as from customization features, international accessibility, on-demand replay, Q&A sessions and more.


All our solutions are secure by design. From the latest encryption technology security features, to an advanced fault-tolerant, robust and redundant MPLS network, our global audio infrastructure delivers outstanding audio quality.



Our team of dedicated event experts will manage every aspect of your audio event including:

Briefing presenters
Call set up
Registration page build
Distribution of post-event attendance reports

The Cloud Communications division of NTT produces, manages and delivers thousands of investor relations announcements for companies including 35% of the FTSE 500.

A professional service for your Investor Relations (IR) calls

Deliver successful IR calls with our fully managed solution tailored to your every need.

Effortless call experience

Our expert event producers arrange and manage your conference calls according to your specific event requirements, following a pre-agreed format and script. Your question and answer sessions are skilfully delivered to ensure a smooth flow to the meeting. Live assistance is available to all meeting attendees and a customized welcome message ensures that your event extends your organization’s brand identity.

Analyst relations made easy

Analysts can join your event easily – with just one phone call. The Q&A flow is controlled, with the ability to limit the number of questions per analyst; while favoured analysts can be pushed to the front of the Q&A queue and all questions via chat can be filtered. An NTT operator can handle the whole Q&A process via a separate chat or communications line.

After your event, we provide you with complete post-event reporting and a list of all participants.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Engage with our team today to learn more.

Ten tips for a successful Investor Relations call

Increase executive visibility with audio conferencing

Audio conferencing is a great way to effectively convey your message within large organizations. It is a valuable channel for sharing updates from your executive team when you need a straightforward solution to reach the maximum audience. It is also secure with access only granted to those with participant identification and access PIN codes.

Simple set-up with a universal bridge connects multiple callers into one seamless audio conference. Opt for one of our many solutions suited to your needs: Whether you require toll or toll-free numbers for participants internationally or are looking for fully operated assisted audio, trust in our ability to deliver high quality audio conferencing.

“The Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. helps the Investor Relations unit to reach our shareholders and stakeholders at the same time, at the lowest cost and to the largest audience. It allows access to all our shareholders and stakeholders at the same time using only one access number with video or without video. I would highly recommend NTT Ltd. services to all companies because of its quality, diversity and cost effectiveness.

Beste Tasar, IR Director, Pegasus Airlines