Rapid response for business continuity

Let us help you solve the business challenges created by the COVID-19 health crisis

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, our team has been committed to ensuring business continuity for our clients globally. All our employees are focused on ensuring the delivery of our services to the highest standards to satisfy your business requirements during these challenging times.


Assess how you can securely leverage our modern collaboration solutions for business continuity


Our solutions

Microsoft Teams

Need to get Microsoft Teams enabled, quickly? As the Microsoft Intelligent Communication Partner of the Year, we can empower your organization with the collaboration tools you need.


Digital Events

We can deploy virtual event environments that can be adopted very quickly for hosting large team and customer events as an alternative to bringing people together in the office or a conference venue.

Cisco Webex

Mobilize your workforce, enabling flexible working practices, and maintaining the office experience for your teams whatever their location. Cisco Webex delivered by NTT keeps your teams connected.


Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice allows your employees to stay connected wherever they are - using the same personal desk or call-center phone numbers, from home or in the office, no matter the device.

Enabling our clients in these unprecedented times

We are committed to bringing you and your teams closer together. Read more about what we are doing to support our clients.